American decades research paper

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Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Decade 1950’s
Assignment write a 4 page paper that discuss who you feel are the most important historical figures of that decade. You will also explain the impact of your selected person on the time period and their significance to later periods in American history or parallels to other earlier events or similar circumstances in our history.
1) paper should begin with a brief introduction that characterizes the decade and introduces the people you will be writing about.
2) paper must identify 3 people that you feel are the most important or interesting of the decade. One of the people you choose must be a president of your assigned decade. In essay format you must fully describe and explain why each figure is significant and show how they had an impact on our nation at that time. Your focus should be on answering the following question. ( does this historical figure deserve the recognition that they have been given? ) be sure to indicate how our government society or individuals were affected by it. Finally your essay should show how each of your selected individuals had long term significance and influence dour country beyond your assigned decade. Try to show similarities or parallels to other people or events in history. This will obviously be more important for people during more recent times.
3) paper should have a conclusion that briefly reflects on your chosen people/events and indicate if you think any of them have parallels to what is going on today in America or the past.
4) you must utilize and cite from at least 4 sources for information. Acceptable sources include books, periodicals, websites or interviews. The entire paper must be done in proper MLA format. MLA format ( parenthetical citations work cited page) I do not want a bibliography page there is a difference between a bibliography and a work cited page make sure your clear on what the difference is.
5) final product must be 4 to 6 pages in length for essay and a work cited page. You must have at least one primary source citation for each topic you write about.

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