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 The assessment of the diverse operating systems has assured the identification of the programs that can run within the computer. The operating system offers the ability to run different programs for the computer, (Yang, 2013). The assessment of the different operating systems assures the identification of the best Operating System for application.


 This analysis will assess the Microsoft Windows Operating System and Apple Macintosh Operating System or Red Hat Linux Operating System.  The analysis section will present a comparative table for the three Operating Systems. 


The assessment of the operating systems will help users to decide the Operating System that suits their needs


Computers depend on Operating System for functioning of programs and software.


Microsoft Windows

The Operating System is considered the series of graphical interface Operating System that were developed, sold and marketed by Microsoft. Microsoft was able to introduce the operating environment that was named windows.  The firm started on November 20th, 1985 as the graphical operating system.  The Operating System is provided with multilingual options.  The license for the Operating System is based on proprietary.  The Operating System is limited to a set of supported platforms, (Hensley, 2012). The Operating System preceded the MS-DOS. The source of the model was considered to be closed or a shared source.  The windows operating system originates from Microsoft. This is regarded to be the most famous operating system in the world, (Phillips, 2009).  The computer Operating System is expensive. It can cost about fifty to four hundred and fifty dollars. This is reliant on the description of Microsoft.  The users of the system are home users, computer enthusiasts and developers.

            The Manufacturer creates the windows Operating System but offers the suppliers to distribute the computers that have the preinstalled windows.  The windows Operating System has been applied to the phones, servers, laptops and desktops. The windows UI’s offer an integral component for the Operating System that is not replaceable, (Yang, 2013).  The Operating System deals with the file support systems of EX- FAT, NTFS, FAT 32 and FAT.  The Operating System uses the command shell for each version of windows that have a single command interpreter.  The optional state of the power shell applies the UNIX in different commands.  The Operating System has the highest attack on viruses.  There are more than 60000 viruses that attack the windows software, (Hensley, 2012).  The Operating System sends major threat patches to Windows Operating System. The response to the threat takes approximately 2 or 3 months in order to be fixed.

            The processors are limited to about 80%. The illustration of the OS is windows 8, 8.1, Vista and XP. The user experience is controlled through the GUI due to the incompatibility problems. The graphics performance assesses the newest direct X versions for the full graphic card support and for the boosting of the Operating System performance.  The company that develops the systems is Microsoft.

Apple Macintosh

This Operating System is considered the oldest as compared to the others.  The operating system is considered the oldest as compared to others. This makes it older than windows.  The operating system has minimal attacks form viruses. These are due to the windows superior market sharing. The Operating System operates only on Apple computers.  The computer Operating System is not prone to crashing, (Hensley, 2012).  The appearance and technological hardware for the Operating System are more appealing than for other Operating System.  The cost of the operating system is considered the highest as compared to the other systems. The Mac computer is considered better than windows, (Luke, 2012).  The availability of the Apple computers has been an issue that has been presented by different people. The compatibility requirement needs the provision of few programs that will run on Mac and force minimal games.

 The Operating System is offered by Apple Incorporation. The Operating System ranges from 599 to 999 dollars. This makes its model to be expensive, (Phillips, 2009).  The Operating System is considered very stable. The compatibility for the Operating System is that it opens all PC files and coexists with the local networks or PCs.  The Operating System offers minimal games in its Operating System. The supported architecture is Intel Microprocessors. The organization attracts graphic designers, Music producers and Tech Journalists.  The repairs offer the acknowledgeable person for repairs and upgrading, (Luke, 2012).  The OS is applied by different designers and graphic artists.  The cost of the hardware has led to the increased disadvantage of people to purchase the required software.

Red Hat Linux

Linux is considered the example of the open source software development and free operating system. The cost of Linux is considered to be based on the free distribution of the downloaded and distributed books and magazines.  The Linux requires the identification of different approaches to using computer systems, (Hensley, 2012). These are considered the lowest priced version. The users are everyone that originates from the home users, computer enthusiasts and developers. Linux Kernel was developed by the community while Linux Thorvaldsen supervises the activities.

             Linux can be installed in a wide variety of computer hardware. These range from the computer hardware, mobile phones, mainframes, super computers and video game consoles. Linux Operating System is distributed through the open source development. The users or people collaborate codes and share features through forums. The application is distributed through forums. Linux offers two GUI’s, (Hensley, 2012). They are Gnome and KDE. The Operating System allows the application of millions of GUI.  The text mode interface is the BASH interface. The interface supports multiple command interpretations.  The Linux Operating System is offered free, (Phillips, 2009). The support services for the software are charged upon request. The Operating System has the least vulnerability to viruses, (Luke, 2012).  The Linux offers a threat detection and solution within ample time. The presentation of the virus by the user forces millions of users in the world to fight to solve the virus problem affecting the specific user. The examples of the Operating System are Android, Archlinux, Debian or Ubuntu.


The Operating System has minimal games available to be played.  The graphics performance for the Operating System is dependent on the hardware manufacturer. The Linux limits some hardware from performing optimally as expected.  The license for the Operating System is based on GNU. This means that it is free.  The Operating System is offered multi-lingual. It operates in all the supported platforms for Operating System.  The Operating System was preceded by Gnome or KDE. The source of the Operating System is considered an open source. The Operating System is updated using many methods.

Comparative table

 This table offers the summary of the differently discussed issues on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Red Hat Linux. The identification of the differences in the table format will help in the fast analysis of the divergent issues separating the three operating systems.

  Microsoft Windows Apple Macintosh Red Hat Linux
Throughput: Time Taken To Complete A Task 33.6 Kilobits 1866 MHZ 8- 32768 Bits
Security: Systems Avoidance For Being Compromised Windows Has Over 60000 Viruses On Windows The Operating System Has Minimal Virus Compromise Linux Has About 60-100 Viruses
Reliability: Useful Life Of A System Uses Microsoft Management Console To Increase Reliability Highest In Reliability More Reliable Than Windows
Robustness: Ability To Recover Quickly From Errors Highest Vulnerability To Crashes Not Prone Top Crashes Linux Has Highest Robustness
Cost: Systems Cost Minimally Expensive

Price ranges from 70- 138 dollars


Price ranges from 50- 1000 dollars

Free. The Requirement Of Support Services Requires Charges
Ease Of Application Simplicity To Run And Apply Hard To Apply Linux Is The Eases To Use
Availability Requires Payment For The Operating System Operates On Only MAC Computers Easily Accessible
Response Time: Request And Computer Response Or Time Lapse Depends On Hardware. Responds in 2228 milliseconds Responds within 0.46 seconds Uses MIDI synthesizer to respond in 2 or 5 milliseconds
Turnaround Performs a task in 11- 20 Turns around in 10.5 to 10.7 Dependent On hardware.
Membership Member of one open source Member of one open source Not a member of the open source



In conclusion, Computers depend on Operating System for functioning of programs and soft-wares. The Microsoft window provides the ready-made solutions that can be easily implemented by the users.  The Linux and Microsoft OS are 100% compatible with other hardware. Mac OS requires apple created software.  The Linux and Microsoft OS offer the highest amount of software. Mac OS is limited to the developed software’s from the firm. Mac OS and Linux OS are more secure as compared to Microsoft OS.  Microsoft has about 60000 viruses that are prone to attack it. The slow response to the virus makes it insecure. All the OS can be easily installed and used by different users. Apple has numerous disadvantages for distributions and increase of hobbyists and workforce requirements.


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