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EHR Database and Data Management
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For this assignment, write a 1,000-1,250 word paper in which you:
Select a clinically based patient problem in which using a database management approach provides clear benefit potential.
Consider how a hypothetical database could be created to assist with this clinically based patient problem. Identify and describe the data needed to manage this patient problem using information from the electronic health record (EHR).
Include a brief description of the patient problem that incorporates information needed to manage the specific problem. Describe what information is required for the patient to manage the condition and how the database and health care provider can be incorporated into the approach for better health outcomes.
Describe each entity (data or attribute) that will be pulled from the EHR as either structured or unstructured and provide an operational definition for each. Structured data is more easily searchable and specifically defined. For example, structured data can be placed in a drop-down menu like hair color: brown, black, grey, salt and pepper, blonde, platinum, etc. Unstructured data is data that would be included in a nurse’s notes. An operational definition is how a researcher or informatics specialist decides to measure a variable. For example, when the nurses enter height into the EHR, do they enter height as measured in inches or centimeters or in feet and inches?
Provide a complete description of data entities (the objects for which you seek information, i.e., patients) and their relationships to the attributes collected for each entity (data collected for each entity, i.e., gender, birthdate, first name, last name, etc.) that apply to the hypothetical database. You can use a concept map similar to the “Database Concept Map” resource, to help you describe the relationships between each entity and its attribute
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