General Motors Created the Global Marketing Post






1) Title of the Article:

General Motors Created the Global Marketing Post

2) Source:

 The source of the article is the Wall street journal. Their website provides journals on marketing and global business news.

3) Date:

 The article was updated on December 16th, 2010.  The author of the article was Sharon Terrell

4) Short Summary

 The analysis provides information on the approach for General motors’ to create a new executive post for the oversight activities in global marketing operations.  The marketing post was supposed to establish the GM brand recognition, retaining of the customers, identifying the real customers, providing the relevant information, saving time and establishing trust.  The management viewed the international marketing as a weakness that was not being addressed.

             The automobile company planned to announce Joel Ewanick as the head of the US marketing for the Hyundai Motors for America. The companies have directed the marketing efforts for all the general motor marketing efforts.  The high profile executive post sorts the elevation of the status for the General Motors Marketing efforts that fell within the company. The influence over the advertising efforts assessed the sharp marketing for the critical stemming that was within the decades. The sales decline for US required the assessment of the positioning for the company that offered the completion of the growing global markets.

             The general motors were able to stumble on the marketing front from the time of last year’s emergence. The corporation has been competent to shamble the executives from the top of US marketing job.  The launching of the campaign allowed Chevrolet to determine the Chevrolet brand. The company had fired the Detroit area agency for advertisement. The head of the Agency had served Chevrolet for the past 1919 years.  The leader for the marketing agency had established trust in the different operations that are conducted and ensured the encouragement of the business referral.  The firm was able to credit the help for Bolster and the Hyundai’s sales for USA.  The Auto maker allowed the shakeup of the company for ramping up advertisement and spending.

            Mr. Ewanick was provided the General Motors Advertising. His approaches have led to an increase in market share and profits for the organization.  The advertisement for the big ticket events allowed the super bowl movements for the firm in spending and advertising.  The general motor recently rolled out the American themed advertisement campaign.  The use of the actor Tim Allen allowed the capturing of the desires of people in the society. The career development of the head of the advertising agency increased the probability of success.

5) Justification for Choosing the Article

 The article offered different insights on marketing career development and marketing.  The article addresses the need for the establishment of the brand recognition for the management.  The marketing strategies assured the identification of the different imprints rather than the brand seeking for customers. The identification of the retained and gained customers was highlighted as a reason for the advertising move for the organization.  The provision of the information and advertising saved the time for the management to offer information on the varied approaches that the organization could implement. The establishment of the trust and the encouragement of the referrals assured the success of the operations for the organization.  The address of the issues for marketing assessed the operation for products that assure the clearing misunderstandings and clearing inhibition.


Sharon T, (2012). GM creates the Global Marketing Post: The wall street Journal Website: USA, Retrieved from


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