Practice Recommendation Paper

Format MLA

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Assignment type : Article

Develop an evidence-based solution to your problem in 1115 to 1932 words. This paper should be targeted to an audience relevant to your topic (e.g. Paper on teaching method – audience is teachers, principals, etc.). You must include at least five high quality research articles to support your claims in this paper. You must follow proper APA guidelines with this assignment and include: Title Page, Abstract, Headings, and References.
– Develops an evidence-based solution to your problem. Solution must introduce a novel component that is a response to some limitation you identified in previous research
Audience: more than 25 words and less than 100 words. It states to whom your problem applies, who can implement the solution, and who can benefit by solving the problem
Statement of the problem: more than 250 words and less than 500 words. It states the causes of your problem and how it appears in society
Research: more than 420 words and less than 666 words. It states attempts to solve your problem and your critical evaluation of these attempts
Alternatives and limitations: more than 420 words and less than 666 words. It states your solution to your problem. This solution must solve for the limitations of previous solutions you identified in the research section

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