Research Proposal

Discipline Marketing
Assignment type : Research Paper

Format MLA
Academic Level: –
Volume of 1500 – 1800 pages (6 pages)

Based on the same company or case as Assignment 1, you will be provided a research
brief (see assessment folder) detailing a marketing problem, a research problem,
research objectives, and research questions.
As an individual, you are required to write a research proposal in response to that brief.
In the proposal, you should provide an executive summary, a background to the problem,
briefly summarise any available secondary data relevant to the topic area (including
academic literature), propose and justify a research design to answer the research
problem, discuss the ethical considerations of your proposed design, and develop a
research instrument based on your proposed research design (discussion guide, survey,
or experiment).
A suggested format:
– Title Page
– Table of Contents
– Executive Summary
– Main Body
• Background
• Secondary Data (including academic literature)
• Proposed Research Design (including justification)
• Ethical considerations
– References
– Appendix: In the appendix you should provide the research instrument (discussion guide,
survey etc.) you would use to collect data based on your research design (this is not
included in the word count).

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