Social Differences

 The superstition or assumptions based on age, race or gender, have lead to misconstrued perception. The misconstrued perception affects people’s social participation. The social participation of different people assures the realization of the differences in the human behavior, guidance of the procedures and the rules, and the involvement in the objectives that deal with the gathering of data, (Luke, 2011).  The variables that affect the behavior and interaction of individuals are traits, behaviors and attitudes, (Swanston, 2011).  The identification of the different distinction is expressed in religion, job satisfaction or education. This social investigation will assess three individuals that are different from me in age, sex and race. There are numerous social differences between people.

             A person, who is different, by age, is a father. As a Christian father there numerous different things that will be required to be performed. The father is the source and the protector of the family, (Swanston, 2011). This means he will have to sweat and search for food.  The debate about the wellbeing of the family will constantly be on his mind.  The father teachers and expresses kindness, interest or compassion to family members.  The father will fight to seek activities that will bring him honor and help in developing a family.  The father is the authoritarian and offers discipline to the family.  The aspect of providing protecting and disciplining others is an issue that I have never performed on the capacity of a father.

A person, who is different, by gender, is a girl.  The girls are seen to need more attention and encouragement in order to reach their desired destinations.  B the girls could be seen seated in a playing ground talking while the boys will be playing any sport, (Luke, 2011). The girls are seen increasingly emotional and tend to speak a lot with their friends.  The toys preference is the other issue that is seen. As a boy, I would prefer cars and electronic toys. Girls would be seen to prefer toys of babies or dummies that they could hold. The girls are less active than boys, in sports.  The girls are seen to be less aggressive as compared to men. These are the different ways that I differ from the opposite sex.   

 The last aspect that I am different is on being a Mexican.  The Mexican tends to be predominantly catholic in religion.  This is different since I can offer religious tolerance to other people’s opinions, (Swanston, 2011). The Mexican tends to refrain from conversations about their faith or religion since it dictates most of their lives. The Mexicans are seen to value their families over the aspect of individualism.  The Mexican is seen to value the aspect of connectedness for the neighbor that knows one another, (Luke, 2011). The high sense of security allows the watching out for one and the house.  The Mexican is also stereotypes to enjoy leisure more than hard labor. Our families tend to focus on individual growth rather than the Mexicans.

In conclusion, there are numerous social differences between people. The social difference is considered the difference among individuals with regard to their social characteristics and qualities.  This analysis identified the difference in behavior for a father, a girl and a Mexican man. The social differences of age, gender and race are the predominant issue plaguing the society. The identification of the differences helps in the appreciation of the people. 


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