Topic:Sociology (questions and answers)


volume: 1 page

Type: Questions and answers

Format: MLA


1. 1 – Give an example of “labeling” or “self-fulfilling prophecy” in your life or someone you know. [You may disguise any identities.] Give a few helpful details about the example.
2 – Was the label or prophecy focused on the person’s ascribed or achieved qualities?
3 – Tell whether the outcome was positive or negative, and why.

2. Chapter 11: Deviance and Social Control Pgs. 169-194 Do question #4

3. Apply the concepts of manifest and latent to the Prison experiment. List one manifest and one latent aspect for each of the following:
a. The prison experiment itself
b. Dr. Phil Zimbardo
c. the priest

*For this question use the video: Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment on YouTube the video is 49:51 min long.
Gang Leader #3
4. 1 – What do you think of Ms. Bailey? Support your answer with two examples from the book. Also, respond to one student’s post about Ms. Bailey.
2 – Name three things Sudhir learns the hard way. Which was most significant to him, and which was most significant to others? Explain your answers and support them from the book.

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