Topic: What are the effects of protein supplements on building muscle mass, endurance, and strength?


Volume: 3 pages

Type: Research paper

Format; APA


Write a 3 page paper (4 pages with references) that addresses your research question. The paper must adhere to the following format. The paper should be typed using a font such as Times New Roman 12 pt, Calibri 12 pt, Ariel 11 pt, or Palatino Linotype 12 pt. The paper should be double spaced with 1 inch margins and no headers or footers. On the first line of the paper, type your name. On the second line, type “Assignment 6.” On the third line, type “Research Question:” (followed by your research question). In the first paragraph, give a brief introduction to the topic that includes a justification for researching this topic. In the second (and subsequent) paragraph(s), provide details about what is already known about the topic, citing your references using APA format. Use a new paragraph to address different ideas, thoughts, concepts, research findings, or facts about your topic. Each paragraph should address a single idea. The first sentence of each paragraph should introduce the reader to the idea presented in the paragraph. In the final paragraph, make conclusions about your topic and answer your research question. On the last page of your paper, write your reference list in APA format. The list should include at least 5 different peer-reviewed articles from scientific journals which are also cited in the text using APA format. Your reference list should not include text books, web sites, blogs, news articles, thesis or dissertations, magazine articles, or other non-peer reviewed sources. guidelines: Is the research question clear? Does the introduction lead to a compelling justification for the paper? Do the second and subsequent paragraphs adequately review the current knowledge of the topic? Is each paragraph clear? Do you understand the content of each paragraph? Is there a logical and sequential flow to the content of the paper? Are there sentences or paragraphs that you have to re-read several times? Is the paper free of grammatical and typographical errors? Are references appropriately cited in the body of the paper? Is the research question answered, and is the information provided in the body of the paper sufficient to support the answer to the question.

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