Topic:Discuss the notion of “cultural appropriation,”


Volume:4 pages

Format: APA


Discuss the notion of “cultural appropriation,” focusing on the world-wide diffusion of hip hop music and culture, which were developed mainly by African-Americans and still often make reference to the African-American “ghetto.” Argue your case in close connection with the article by Rodriquez and other literature, although you don’t have to agree with it. Use hip hop artists and music, both very recent and older, for examples as appropriate to support your argument. Scholarly Reading Jason Rodriquez. 2006. “Color-Blind Ideology and the Cultural Appropriation of Hip Hop.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnology 35(6):645-668. Popular Reading Nesrine Malik, “Identity Politics Does Not Deserve Lionel Shriver’s Contempt, But It Can Be Limiting.” The Guardian September 13, 2016. NO QUOTATIONS The only exception is when you are commenting in your paper on an author’s wording of a text passage in order to analyze the wording or language itself. In that case you may use a quote, but only with your TA’s prior approval. Each unauthorized use of a quotation will result in an automatic, non-negotiable deduction of 10% of your total essay mark. Worse yet, if you quote a passage without putting quotation marks around it then you will be charged with plagiarism, even if you follow the passage with a citation. BE WARY OF PARAPHRASING In many cases, paraphrasing is plagiarism, and should be carefully avoided. Never copy any part of a text into your paper, even if you then put your own words around or in the copied patch. This is called “disguised copying” and it is the most common type of plagiarism. It is no excuse if you follow your “disguised-copied” text with a reference to where you copied it from. OTHER STIPULATIONS ● No Illustrations ● No Footnotes or Endnotes

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