Topic:Kurdistan from a Geopolitical Perspective

Subject:Political science

Volume:15 pages

Format: Chicago

Type: Research paper


Geopolitics paper on Kurdistan -The paper needs to be 15 pages, 1.5 spaced, including references and bibliography -Chicago style format -You must use at least twelve scholarly articles and books (at least 4) published in peer reviewed journals or by major university presses. Citations are necessary in the form of foot-notes, endnotes, or in-text citations. A bibliography should also be included. -The abstract of the paper is attached -The rubric is attached -The paper should focus on the geopolitical issues in Kurdistan -The paper should go over the history of Kurdistan -Borders, wars, terrorism, etc -How Kurdistan’s geographical location affects its political situation -Main focus on Iraq, but also go over Kurds in Iran, Turkey, and Syria -Again, a focus on GEOPOLITICS in Kurdistan

This research paper will focus on the geopolitical issues of Kurdistan. Kurdistan, being a nation without a state, has caused it to face war, terror, and discrimination. An example of this is the chemical gas attack in 1988, killing approximately 5,000 Kurds. The paper will analyze the several different perspectives of scholars on the situation in Kurdistan. It will also cover how Kurdistan’s geographical location and the placement of its borders have an effect on the nation. All four parts of Kurdistan (Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western) will be touched upon. Citations will include literary works (books, scholarly articles, etc.) about Kurdistan’s history specifically in geopolitics and also its current status. The main idea of the paper is to address and analyze the situation in Kurdistan, concentrating on the geopolitical aspect of it.

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