Topic:Piaget and The Concrete-Operational Period


volume: 3 pages

Type: Essay

Format: APA


Part 1: Write A PLAY Read”Format for a stage play :from the Pitchastory website as it provides an example of how to format stage directions in preparation for the Piaget and Concrete-Operational Period Assignment. 1) Read the article assignment for this topic above, conduct additions resources on the internet. Use your knowledge to write a one-act play about a small group of friends. 2) Through the dialogue the children should exhibit evidence of being in the concrete-operational period of cognitive development. 3) Be as creative in the dialogue of your scene as you can, remembering that at this stage children, according to text, becomes “less egocentric, rarely confused appearance with reality, and are able to reverse their thinking. 4) Set the scene and include acting and stage directions, if necessary and appropriate. 5) GIVE YOUR PLAY A NAME. PART 2:: Summary 250 words which you analyze and explain ethical, and cultural strategies for promoting resilience, optimum, development, and wellness in middle childhood.. -Theories of normal and abnormal personality development. -Biological, neurological. and physiological factors that affect human development functioning & behavior. -Ethical and cultural relevant strategies for promoting resilience and optimum development & wellness across their life span.

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