Topic:Travel and tourism task 


Volume: 3 pages

Format: Harvard

Type: Report


The report structure such as tittle page context page… Should be included.

Having recently graduated, and after a round of interviews, you have managed to get on to a ‘Tourism Management Graduate Scheme’ at a leading U.K. Tour Operator: GSM Leisure Travel Ltd. As part of the ‘Graduate Management Programme’, and for the company to investigate potential, future tourist destinations, you have been asked by your ‘mentor’ to write a report identifying and investigating the elements of: tourism, tourists and tourist destinations. In this respect, you must produce a report, of no more than 2,500 words, that must incorporate the following:

1. A summary of the key historical and current developments in tourism, identifying the different types of tourism (Mass and Special Interest tourism) and explaining their characteristics, providing examples where appropriate. (LO1) (600 words)
For this question talk about how tourism developed over the years (timeline) how tourism started and how it is going to be.
What it was when it first started to how it is now(galagtic tourism –development Richard brandson make sure you include refrences)
Make sure you include a Introduction 100 words
Explain mass touris in 350 words use examples such as paris spain
And SIT tourism in 350 words use examples such as spain paris

2. A discussion of the reasons why tourists visit a particular destination choose more than one different destination you talk about , with reference to relevant and extensive literature, particularly in relation to: tourism demand, tourist behaviour and tourist motivations. (LO2) Areas to be covered in this task, include: • Demand for tourism • Push Pull factors • Tourist Motivations and Typologies (Plog, Cohen & Gray) • Factors influencing tourist motivation (800 words)

Talk about sunlast and wanderelast

Define different tourism 4
medical tourism
Business tourism
Dark tourism
Education tourism
Reflect back if they are wanderlust or sunlast but first define what is wanderlust and sunlast

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