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Guidelines for the Blog Posts In a reading response, you shall summarize an author’s thesis/argument, cite specific examples or evidence they use to uphold their argument, identify their key terms and concepts, and inevitably assess how their thesis/argument and writing relates to other scholarship or connecting ideas. By writing a reading response, you actively engage with a writer’s work and demonstrate your comprehension of the text. For our course, your weekly reading response (300-350 words total) should complete the following four actions:

1. State the author’s thesis and/or argument (in your own words, do NOT merely cite). 2. Define key terms and concepts the author either references or introduces. 3. Identify specific examples and forms of evidence they use to uphold their argument.

(Indicate where you found this in the source text by including the page number.) 4. Relate how this author’s idea(s) enhances dialogue with other scholarship or perspectives. 5. Optional: Formulate 1-2 questions that this essay raises for you.

Suggestions for how you enter and develop your own thinking in the Blog Post (adapted from Professor Nancy Abelmann, University of Illinois)

• Something (argumentative and/or empirical—argumentative is the more powerful) that surprised or deeply interested you (i.e., something that challenges a prior understanding you had, something that you would have previously found hard to believe etc.) (Your entry should also indicate why you are surprised). SURPRISE

• Something that confirms something you already knew (i.e., something that doesn’t surprise you at all) (your entry should indicate why you are not surprised). CONFIRM

• Something you would like to know more about (you might in conjunction suggest one more cited sources (i.e., from the bibliographies) that intrigue you). CURIOUS

• A term/phrase/idea (perhaps a theoretical construct) that you find helpful/inspiring (Your entry should include your understanding of the selection). HELP

• Something that you don’t understand: this could be a term, an idea, an argument, a passage (feel free to list page and paragraph #) etc. (If you do not have something for this entry that is fine –i.e., do not force yourself to be confused!) CONFUSE

• Something that you would personally like to research (or at least are curious about) that draws on one of the readings. RELATE

The post is different than a reading synopsis; after providing a brief summary of the author’s key concepts or terms, take a specific idea from the work and open it up for dialogue. * Can you offer an example to illustrate or support your idea? ! You are encouraged to make connections with works and happenings outside of class; provide dates or other pertinent context information for your readers.

Asian American Women (AAS 308) Spring 2018 2 of 2

Optional Extra Participation: For the PEER COMMENT (60-100 words), you will read and comment on ONE other student’s reading response. Remember: you should focus less on simply correcting your fellow classmate. Instead, you should analyze what they have surmised from the article and attempt to answer the questions they raise and/or provide a reflection to encourage thoughtful dialogue and reception to another perspective. All reading responses are due on our course blog space by 11pm the Monday BEFORE the week when we will be discussing that particular set of article(s)/essay(s). Extra Credit Peer Comments are due during that week by Thursday, 11pm. Below is an approximation of the Assignment Credit Rubric.

Criteria Writing IDs: source text AUTHOR, TITLE, page #s. The outside reference has sufficient description for readers to follow its use. 1: Presents the reading’s main THESIS or ARGUMENT 2: Defines key terms and concepts 3: Identifies specific examples and forms of evidence used 4: Connects to other scholarship or external ideas to foster dialogue with the source text. Minimum length: 300 words.

Overall Rating Exceeds Expectations (High Profiency 5.0 pts

Meets Expectations (Proficient) 4 pts

Does Not Meet Expectations (Needs Work) 3.0 pts

HTMLDirect / 5.0 pts

Total Points: out of 5 Extra Credit: Comment to a Peer Author

This will be credited in the PARTICIPATION category

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