Project Title/Subject Topic
Type of Service Essay
Urgency 3 hours
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style None (Not Applicable)
No. of Sources/References 3
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description Short Writing Assignment #3: Select and Summarize a Text
English 101 – Easley

Skim through the following texts:
“The ‘Busy Trap'” on EAA pp. 982-985
“The Logic of Stupid Poor People” on EAA pp. 1011-1015
“Mind Over Mass Media” on EAA pp. 1029-1031

Then select one that you intend to analyze and critique in your next Major Writing Assignment (MWA2). Be sure to select the one you find to be the most interesting!

Next, read (don’t skim) your selected text. Then, summarize your selected text, making every effort to apply what you’ve learned in class and in assigned readings: in the very first line of your summary, identify the text’s thesis statement (what the author is arguing) or overall point; then, in the subsequent lines, identify the text’s supporting claims by using source citation and documentation strategies discussed in class to properly integrate and cite direct quotations and paraphrases of important passages from the text.

Adhere to MLA formatting standards

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