Database Design ER Diagram

Hello, I’m a computer science student and I asked to develop and design a database ER diagram , also the tables”relationships” is required for my assignment

The submission date is 19/03/2018 .

Here is my assignment instructions:

In database designing phase, a conceptual design model called Entity Relationship (ER) model is used and represented by some ER diagram.

In this assignment, you are asked to think and may make a small search to end up with a creative database idea with its clear requirements and assumptions.

After that, you are asked to design and develop an ER diagram to represent the database model of the database idea you proposed.

The following topics are extremely repeated so please DO NOT reuse them in this assignment.

University, college, or school.



What do you need to submit?

1. The cover page filled with student information.

2. Brief description of your database and it requirements.

3. ER diagram.

All are stapled and submitted in the specified due date.

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