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With the recent Parkland school shooting, students and anti-gun protesters have taken to social media to apply pressure on NRA supporting businesses.  The hashtag #boycottNRA has gone viral.  The idea behind the movement is any companies that support or offer discounts to NRA members are facing consumer boycotts.  The social media campaign has caught fire and companies are feeling the pressure.

As so, dozens of companies have begun cutting ties with the NRA, the first being First National Bank of Omaha and many have followed suit.  Including, Columbus’s very own Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni Britton Baur released comments on twitter and a video on Instagram, stating they would stop working with FedEx if they did not sever ties with the NRA and stop offering discounts to NRA members.

In more social media drama the NRA faced backlash as they used a Thank You GIF of Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Actors from the show and the co-creator responded negatively for using the show to further the pro-gun agenda (or as they stated pro slaughter).  Many feeling that Parks and Recreation represents the opposite of this agenda (as Nick Offerman tweeted).  This fueled the #boycottNRA and negativity around the NRA and pressure for associated businesses.

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