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Assignment Details Detailed descriptionAssignment: Incident Management Organizational Chart

Heavy rain falls are expected to affect your community beginning in 16 hours and continuing for three to four days. Predicted rainfall amounts may flood several low-lying neighborhoods in your community and make many major streets impassable. You have been assigned to coordinate the response of your community to this event for the first 12-hour operational period, beginning in four hours. The mayor has asked you to report to him your plan for organizing the preliminary management of this incident, as well as an idea of major cost calculations for the incident.

1. Prepare your incident management organizational chart for the first 12-hour operational period utilizing a word processing, flow- charting, or other computer application to produce a clean appearance. You may use the figures in Chapter 13 for guidance. Beyond the command and general staff level, it is only necessary to detail the operations and planning section functions. Label each box and identify a resource in your community that could realistically be expected to fill that role.

2. Identify at least 3 operations section objectives and 3 planning section objectives for the first 12-hour operational period. Write the shortest appropriate SMART objectives in sentence form.

The file uploaded is a regency on how the chart should look like.

The paper should have a a reference page in Apa style format

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