Age of Oil

The oil today has been able to run the country through the many years providing the electricity requirement.  The potential of reaching the peak of the oil usage has led to the future being posed with the danger of energy inefficiencies, (Krebs, 2009). The article will assess the two alternatives of oil energy and the role of the government in offering energy.

             The first alternatives are the wind energy. The government and the society should invest in wind turbines, (Terrence and Turk, 2014). The wind energy originates from the clean fuel source. The production of the oil will require the combustion of fossil fuels while the wind does not require any combustion.  The wind turbines do not produce large amounts of atmospheric emissions, (Krebs, 2009).   The investment into the wind power will offer the conversion of the wind energy to the electric power. The investment in the wind energy will reduce the cost of the wind power for the society.

 The second alternative will be the Nuclear power. The nuclear energy produces immense amounts of electric energy. The nuclear plants can tend to be expensive to build, but the completion reduces the use of oil as the energy, (Terrence and Turk, 2014). The source of energy has a low greenhouse gas emission.  The nuclear plants are powerful and efficient for the advancement of technologies.  The nuclear power offers the reliable production of energy.

            In conclusion, oil energy can be substituted with other sources of energy.  The government has a role of researching the different science and energy sources that are present for energy assessment. The government offers the management and security of the nuclear plants.  The performance and management of the alternative nuclear sources will be required for the management of the operation’s tasks.


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