“All together Now”

Patricia Barnes

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“All together Now”

 The true meaning of the “All together Now” song was based on the theme of Anti-war song. Peter Hooton was the lead singer for Liverpool band. The song was sung out to a   different audience. The song was supposed to offer the children with the sing along song for speaking against the war.  The song was presented at the period of the music hall tradition.  The song had been written for the sole reasons of the yellow submarine film.  This analysis will focus on the assessment of the cast and impact of the antiwar song to the society. “All together Now” song catapulted the Beatles to the worlds Platform.

            The composer of the song identifies that he had produced a song for the sole purpose of appealing to the children. The composer used to sing a song to his young relatives with claps. The composer identified the song as a play away command the song for the children, (Pius, 2006). The song was presented in the band. This was the easiest chord that the composer knew about. The song was presented by the Beatles Band. The song was written by Lennon McCartney. The song composition was in Abbey highway studios. The song was sung and mixed in one day, (Boniface, 2004). This indicated how easy the song was to the composer. George Martin was the person who was absent in the composition of the song.  This song took less than six hours in the recording and it emerged to be the best.  The song was recorded on the twelve of May 1967.  The producer of the song was Paul McCartney. The engineering teams were Geoffrey Emetic. The song was organized through hand claps, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica and ukulele.  The people that sang in the song were Gringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

             The good reacceptance of the song upon the public increased the need to assess the state of the feature for the length of the documentary through the chronicles. This made the Beatles to partner with Cirque Du Soleil for the project called love. The provision of the project called love increased the credit ratings for the Beatles and spread the anti-war message across different divides.  The song had led to the formation of the partnership that offered the fusion of the songs for beetles into an issue that was new and original.   The song provided the formation of the project love that had been created through partnership.  The Beatles interpretive and circus based artistic songs offered the wide frenzy in stage performances, (Boniface, 2004).  

The Band was offered partnerships from Apple Corporation Limited. The project that was created was called Love.  The project had the artistic guide by the Name of Gilles Ste-Croix. The creation director was Chantal Tremblay. The theatre and set designer for the project was Jean Rebased. The costume designer was Philippe Guilloche, (Pius, 2006). The love project offered the songs by Jonathan Deans.  The Love project or song was written by Champagne Dominic.  The different music directors were Sir George Martin and offered the record production of the Beatles records.

             The second impact was the provision of a place for rehearsals for the in the theatre of the Mirage, in Las Vegas.  The “All together Now” song offered the Beatles the opportunity to sing record contracts. These contracts offered the opportunity to increase their acknowledgement within the society.  The song had provided to the band a platform to illustrate their message. The Beetles took the performance of the song onto the stage. The preparation in the Abbey studio provided the different realization of talent within the group, (Boniface, 2004).  The increased criticism about the soundtrack of the song led to the rise of awareness. The different members of the society loved the idea that the song was presenting to the millions of individuals in the lyrics. The realization of the collective sense of humor within the dong increased the provision of good public image.

             The third impact was the act of dropping out other singers. This included Pattie, Cynthia and Olivier.  The movement of the Beatles Band to America had led to an increase in fame. The fame focused on four members of the band while leaving out the rest.  The Characters, like Cynthia Lennon, had been instrumental in the band, (Pius, 2006).  The fame brought by the song led to the formation of the lifelong documentation of the lives of the different members of the group.  The documentation of the 25 years growth of the members provided the realization of the different issues that had plagued the provision of the definite band.

Cynthia Lennon had accompanied Lennon to the first tour. The increased fame and press coverage led to a focus on how the members of the Beatle could keep the relationship within Cynthia and the lead singer as a secret, (Boniface, 2004).  Cynthia had been left out in the crowd, in Miami. The fact that she was left out caused the overall presence of being locked out of the club. Her open plea for the guards to welcome her increased her frustration. The thrift of fame between the different members of the group offered the overall problem for Cynthia. This made her stop going to the tours with the group.  

              The “All together Now” song provided the realization of the overall impact of fame and opened the platform for the band.  The Beatles had shaped the music industry for the entire generation.  The “All together Now” song had made the public try mimic their dressing and fashion.  The Beatles used the “All together Now” song to search for the platform to partnerships. The impacts arose when the fame increased. Four of the members were receiving the highest fame while all the others were being left out. This led to the dropout of certain musicians.  The configuration of the group was grounded on the renaming to Beatles from beetles, (Boniface, 2004). The ideology was for the band to beat Music.  The breakup of the Band was based on John’s obsession with Yoko Ono.  The aspect of growing apart was evident throughout the rise to stardom

            In conclusion, “All together Now” song catapulted the Beatles to the worlds Platform. The impact for the song was that it raised awareness of the band, provided unification of people against the war, broke the team’s friendship and increased the bands fame.  This analysis offered the assessment of the casting and impacts that the all together song had upon the life and careers of the Beatle Band.  The good reacceptance of the song led to the increased acknowledgement of the band. The song offers the anti-war reasoning. This increased the organizations productivity and increase in activities and quality assessment. 

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