Project Title/Subject Annotated Bibliography/Outline
Type of Service Annotated Bibliography
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style None (Not Applicable)
No. of Sources/References 5
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description Please read the directions that I have enclosed closely. I need a annotated bibliography along with an outline on Leadership. You will pick three (3) articles from the articles chosen and summarize. For the second portion of the exercise, we are to construct an outline identifying themes across each of our three MAIN articles, which we summarized in the Annot. Bib. Keep your annotation to about 150-200 words. Note the purpose of the article, the participants/subject of the study, the conclusions drawn by the author(s), and the validity of the conclusions. Evaluate the article: is it a credible source? Describe the credibility of the author – are there any biases? How well did the author support his or her assertions? Did they provide an adequate literature review? Were there any limitations?
How many files have you uploaded here? 3 files
No. of Pages/Wordcount 7 page(s)/1925 Words

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