Anthropological Perspective

 Anthropology focuses on the assessment of the varied responses that assure the definition of the present and past history for the society. The test assessed the life history, cultural background, and the perception of US culture and politics. The assessment of the approaches assures the testing of the socio-cultural, physical and linguistic anthropology. The life history expressed the following facts. The Australian college professor was born in Australia, Victoria. The Australian college professor was in an extended family. The presence that he was the second born in a family of four increased his responsibility in caring for the other siblings.  The history life indicates the overall state of patriarch in the life of the individual.  Anthropological perspective offers numerous insights to activities.

The physical anthropology seeks to assess the human adaptation to diverse environments.  The movement to the USA led to the identification of varied issues that were considered culture shock.  The Australian college professor exclaims that the Australian college professor was able to move from the specific areas to the other areas. The downsized of the Australian educational system was based on the need for the first maturity in career choices. The USA educational system does not require one to study for their career at 16. The European educational system looks at the need for the specialization into the state of 10th grade.   The physical perspective can be assessed in the state of indulgence for the different individuals in healthcare.  The individual will be required to assess the downside of the rigorous classes for the specialization of the activities in the required period. The Australian college professor never participated in any band within the organization. The realization of the lack of participation in the band made him participate in volleyball, cricket, cross country, basketball and athletics.

            The Linguistic anthropology studies the ways that language can reflect and influence people’s social life. The Australian college professor had lived in Australia for the primary 22 years of life. This affected his relation and beliefs on different aspects. The first aspect was on the aspect of going to Church. The society of Australia has numerous atheists in the society. This makes the belief of going to the church to be something that people choose to hide.  The movement through the schools allowed the Australian college professor to be able to socialize and form the friendship with a certain lady.  The ability to teach English to the Germans offered the identification of the different issues that will increase the knowledge of the operations for the management.  The ability to teach the university classes in Michigan assured the overall increase in the state of activities for the different individuals in healthcare. The assessment of the varied approaches for the organization assured the definitions of the approaches that assured the success of the organization.  The ability to teach whatever he wants offered him a renewed sense of freedom.

             The Australian college professor lived in families that were Irish and catholic. The love for dancing and performance of tasks increased the overall state of insecurity.  The realization of the lowest IQ required the family to move to the expressed state of differences in the performance of the specified tasks. The aspect of growing up while listening to music and reading books allowed the realization of the different realization of activities for the Irish. The cultural perception of being unable to react to certain issues affected the intellectual nature for the performance of certain tasks.  The mother of the Australian college professor led to the identification of the different proposition of activities in the achievement of the different tasks.  The linguistic perspective of life expressed the 21st birthdays as weddings.  This made the Australian college professor be viewed as an adult. The realization of adulthood made him make strict decisions for his life. The realization of what he wanted to be at 16 increased the state of learning for the Australian college professor.

 The socio-cultural anthropology focuses on the patterns and practices across culture.  The Australian college professor tends to not share about his visits to the church due to the cultural up bring that he has been born.   The Australian college professor expressed that the best food was the mixture of the pie, minced beef, lamb, peas and baking dish. This was based on the overall cultural background of the Australian college professor. The Australian tradition values the action of going to the church as a sacred issue.  The aspect that the Australian college professor had been born into a church going family led to the overall state of assessing the approaches for the organization.  The families of the Irish tradition were seen to be based on the assessment of the varied approach that assures the success of the organization.  The Australian college professor expresses that the practices of the Australian people is based on reading a lot of books. In his social deviance, the author chooses to focus on the identification of the varied tasks that increase the generation of organized sports.  The Australian college professor expressed his love for travelling overseas.  The other thing was that the wedding was not performed in the church. This is seen to be different as compared to the weddings that are performed in the church by the different individuals in the state.  The sister’s wedding was provided in the governmental building. This affected the state of weddings that occurred in the state of sarcasm.

 The American culture assesses the state of the Australian college professor being arrived at the friend’s house will be based on the assessment of the divergent issues that increase the productivity for the organization.  The aspect of dating for nine months provided the Australian college professor the confidence towed.  The girl that the Australian college professor married was the only child in their family.  The wedding that took place happened in the morning and not in the lunch time.  The ceremony was seen to start in the morning and end in the evening. The wedding ended at the evening in darkness. The members that came for the weddings were 300. This expressed the overall state of socialism and friendship that the individual had in the performance of the definite tasks.

  The interview offered numerous findings for the USA and Australian Cultures.  The first was on the state of expressing the true feelings. The Australian college professor tended to withhold his expression of laughter till the appropriate time. The Americans tend to openly express their laughter without any restraints.   The language perspective expressed the culture of saying thank you. The Australian college professor upheld the culture and was shocked by the lack of these words in the communication with other individuals. The other issue that the Australian college professor expressed to have been different was on the taking of foodstuff that are sugary. The expression of the fact means that the Australian college professor had to adjust to the overall state of eating in the USA.  The third issue was the culture of taking coffee.  The interview expressed that the coffee was taken by the Australian culture in the form of the overall state of home coffee.

This home coffee culture changed in the expression of the overall state of the use of the electric kettle.  The Australian college professor was seen to love the taking of the pet to the vet, dog show, obedience class, beach or the park.  The placing of the pets on the bus, train, clothing store, department store or supermarket were the overall issues that were seen as abominable by the Australian college professor. The increased interaction with people helped him to realize the overall acceptance for certain pet practices.  The practice of the Irish Dance was the other issue that the Australian college professor had to step in the identification of activities.  The wedding ideology changed from the invitation of 300 people. The Australian college professor realizes that the American Culture requires the visit of small amounts of people, in weddings.

In conclusion, anthropology perspectives assure the identification of cultural facts. The interview with the Australian college professor offered findings of the American and Australian Culture. The attention to the details, analytical reading, clear thinking and descriptive answers helped in the assessment of the Australian college professor’s culture.  The assessment of the different perspectives helped in the identification of the truth.


Terrence K. (2007). Meat in the human diet: Australian Culture: An anthropological standpoint. Journal on Nutrition and Dietetics, 64, 2, 215- 278

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