Argument Research Essay

Format MLA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

Assignment type : Essay


Just as much as a culture is made up of its people, it is also made up of its objects and productions. Cultural Studies is a field of inquiry interested in interrogating the significance of these cultural objects and ideas. Sometimes it exposes the objects/productions as built by society (such as stereotypes) rather than natural and inevitable; it also probes into and exposes the unacknowledged ways objects within our culture affect our everyday lives and identities”.

In this paper, you will argue how the producers of some cultural object (the one you chose in essay 3-Reunion) are creating our identities and expecting us to fulfill those identities. You will argue to expose its effects (negative or positive) upon people’s lives.

You must:

Explain your cultural object
Argue what the underlying purpose(s) for this cultural object are and what the (perhaps unnoticed) effects of this object are
Present support for your argument that shows how this object has a significant impact on people’s lives, for good or bad, that they may not realize
Use research to support your points
Cite the research properly with using MLA in-text citations and a works cited page
Use formal writing – no first or second person use (no: I, me, my, mine, you or your)

*The paper must be a minimum of 4 pages (not including the Works Cited page) with at least 4 scholarly resources.
If you make 20 or more grammatical and/or mechanical errors, you will receive an automatic 50.

Use the writing process to compose an argument essay synthesizing and analyzing multiple viewpoints built upon a thesis statement that is supported by research.
Research must be from a minimum of three sources, including at least one source from a CPCC Library database.
Students must format the essay according to current MLA standards and must include properly formatted in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
The essay should use grammatically correct academic/formal English.
The essay should be a minimum of four pages or one thousand words or seven paragraphs and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document through SafeAssign (or the college’s current plagiarism review program).
This assignment will be worth 25% of the course grade and will be assessed toward the end of the course session.

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