Assignment for principle of marketing

Assignment 1

In a group of 3 students, read and answer the questions comprehensively of the Internet exercise given to you.


In addition to providing information about the company’s products, Goodyear’s website helps consumers find the exact products they want and will even direct them to the nearest Goodyear retailer.

10 Marks
1. How does Goodyear use its website to communicate information about the quality of its tires? 3 Mark
2. How does Goodyear’s website demonstrate product design and features? 3 Mark
3. Based on what you learned at the website, describe what Goodyear has done to promote its tires. 3 Mark

Internet analysts have praised Sony’s website as one of the best organized and most informative on the Internet.

10 Marks
1. Based on information provided on the website, describe Sony’s SBUs. Does Sony have SBUs that are divisions, product lines, or some other profit- center structure within the parent company Sony? 3 Mark
2. Based on your existing knowledge of Sony as an innovative leader in the consumer electronics industry, describe the company’s primary competitive advantage. How does Sony’s website support this competitive advantage? 3 Mark
3. Assess the quality and effectiveness of Sony’s website. Specifically, perform a preliminary SWOT analysis comparing Sony’s website with two other high-quality websites you have visited. 3 Mark

ESOMAR, the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, was founded 1948. It is a nonprofit association for marketing research professionals. ESOMAR promotes the use of opinion and marketing research to improve marketing decisions in companies worldwide and works to protect personal privacy in the research process.

10 Marks
1. How can ESOMAR help marketing professionals conduct research to guide marketing strategy? 3 Mark
2. How can ESOMAR help marketers to protect the privacy of research subjects when conducting marketing research in other countries? 3 Mark
3. Explain three types of data obtained for marketing research from the website. 3 Mark

iExplore is an Internet company that offers a variety of travel and adventure products.

10 Marks
1. Based on the information provided on the website, Explain six of iExplore’s basic products? 3 Mark
2. What market segments does iExplore appear to be targeting with its website? What are the segmentation variables used by the company to segment these markets? 3 Mark
3. From your perspective of view, how does iExplore appeal to comparison shoppers? 3 Mark

Some mass-market e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, have extended the concept of customization to their customer base. The company has created an affinity group by drawing on certain users’ likes and dislikes to make product recommendations to other

10 Marks
1. What might motivate some consumers to read a “Top Selling” list? 3 Mark
2. Is the consumer’s level of involvement with an online book purchase likely to be high or low? Justify your answer. 3 Mark
3. Discuss the consumer buying process through purchasing from Amazon. 3 Mark


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