Brief Research Paper

Format MLA
Academic Level: –
Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Discipline Sociology
Assignment type : Research Paper


1-2pages double-spaced paper in 12point, Times New Roman Font.
The prompt is for you to consider what you have learned in class up to the midterm.
Have any of your views of the world changed since putting them in a theoretical framework? How/How not? Talk about what you believed and then compare it to what you learned.
Make sure to make direct references to the readings throughout your writing (you will be graded based on your ability to discuss theory directly). Theory and applying it will be a large part of your grade. Do not just repeat everything the book says apply the theory to your life.
Cover-page with all identifying information (Name, class title, assignment)
A reference page with all source material (even if you only use the assigned class readings)- to be in an academic style (MLA OR ASA) of your choosing. The cover-page and reference page do not count as part of the total number of pages. Must have citations in your paper and then a reference page at the end.
-Make sure you discuss Karl Maxx and Max Weber

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