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Course Code: MIS 305 Course Name: Intelligent Support Systems in Business
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The Assignment Objective: This is a project-based assignment divided into two deliverables: theoretical and practical part. Each with 10% of your final grade. It aims to familiarize and expose students to the business intelligence tools and the four phases of the decision making process as well as improving students’ effective communication and team working skills. In addition, it helps expose students to tools and techniques that aid them in practically developing a DSS to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity based on the four phases of decision making process.

Topic- A Case of Customer Loyalty Program:

Al Nahdee Pharmacies has decided to lunch a loyalty program for their customers and integrate it with their transactional system. Each group should identify particular decision situation (opportunity or problem) to be explored/solved. You need to follow the 4 phases of decision making process.

Each group (of 3-4 members) create their own scenarios in relevance to the pharmacies’ loyalty program. Note that you need to consider the various users and existing operations as well as any new operations and functions for proper utilization of data and accurate decision making process.

Theoretical Part – Project Proposal (Submission on week 6): (10 %)

1) Deliverables and marks allocation: (13 Marks = 10%)

· a Written Report due in Week 6 of semester 382 and should include: ( 13 Marks )

a. Profasional Assignment Cover page ( 0.25 Mark)

b. Tables of content. ( 0.25 Mark )

c. Proposed Project Title

d. Introduction: covering their aim at the end of the assignment ( 1 Mark)

e. Report’s body should include the following :

i. A general background for your DSS project

ii. In the Intelligence phase ensure: (3 mark)

· Providing a General description of the decision situation, i.e., what is the decision circumstances in which the decision is made?

· What type of decision and why? Why there is a need for a DSS instead of some other systems?

· Hint: “The final result should properly identified the right factors”

iii. Design phase: ( 2 Marks )

· Identify all the possible alternatives which will affect your decision.

iv. Choice phase: ( 3 Marks )

· Provide a clear articulation of the business need.The expected benefits and beneficiaries

· The model(s) which will be used along with any functions

· What are the different BI (tools) solutions that could be implemented to solve the problem (opportunity)? Which one will you use? The reasons behind selecting specific BI solution

f. Work breakdown structure(WBS) identifying the tasks that need to be completed to develop the DSS along with the task allocation for each team member along with the project leader. (2 mark)

g. Conclusions.( 1 Mark )

h. Write your list of References at least 3 refernces. ( 0.5 Mark)

2) Deadline:

· A soft & hardcopy of the report submitted on week 7 Sunday

1. The hard Copy is submitted during class.

2. The softcopy to be submitted via blackboard based on the deadline.


1- It is a group assignment, 3-4 students in each group.

2- Ensure originality of the idea and uniqueness.

3- Each student must work to progress both, the team and individual aspects of the assignment tasks.

4- Pay attention to the following format guidelines:

a. The report should include 5 to 10 pages (around 2000 -2500 words). (0.5 Mark)

b. Using MSW 12 point Time New Romans font, MSW 14 points for heading. (0.25 Mark)

c. Double spaced Line spacing for each paragraph. Standard format: 1″ each margin (0.25 Mark)

d. Not adhering to the formate guildlines will lead to losing marks as menstioned above.

5- Attaching the original copies of references. ( 0.25 Mark )

6- Submit a Hardcopy and softcopy of the report. (0.25 Mark)

7- Ensure originality! Plagiarism is not allowed. Assignment will be rejected for each Plagiarized paragraph.

End of Deliverable 1 .

Practical Part (Submission on week 13): (10 %)

This part focuses on the implementation phase of your DSS for the problem (opportunity) that you have identified in assignment 1.

DSS Criteria:

· You should use analytical tool and functions.

· The design and format should be attractive yet clear

· Use visualization to easily analyze the results.

· Develop two dashboards. Please ensure that you adhere to the dashboard design principles and guidelines.

· Keep intended users of your DSS in mind and ensure that you consider all the possible factors.

· Identify the routine business functions and the management activities supported by your DSS.

· Assume the business rules for the DSS users to follow and make sure to incorporate them.

The required materials: (26 marks = 10%)

A) CD containing the following: (16 marks)

1- Documentation: (11.5 marks)

a. Assignment cover page and Tables of content (0.5 mark)

b. Introduction: Brief introduction about the decision you will assist in. (1 mark)

c. Content

· This part shoud Breifly and consizly address all the work that you have done and assubsions you followed in preparing your DSS Implementation phase such as:

· How the solution is implemented.(1 mark)

· Explain the tools that you developed (1.5 mark)

· The functions you used with a brief explanation of it (1.5 marks)

· The dashboards. (2 marks)

d. Conclusion

· The results and benefits of using the BI system on the problem (opportunity) after the implementation? (2 mark)

· Visualization to analyze the results. ( 1.5 mark )

· Future recommendation, if applicable.

e. References and Resources (0.5 mark)

2- Appendixes

· All the soft files of the database and BI software. (4 mark)

· The presentation materials. (0.5 mark)

B) The presentation of actual tool developed, in accord with the documentation.

· This part is to be presented and explained “using examples” to the Instructor by the group members. Ensure that you are presenting a STORY ( 10 marks)

Criteria Individual Group
Knowledge Communication Skills Dress Code Peer Evaluation Proper/ Creative Use Of Visual Aids Time Management Total
Maximum Mark 3 3 0.5 2 1 0.5 10


· Besides the presentation, you will be engaged in small group discussion about your assignment and work. Students will reflect on their work and their learning process throughout the project duration, what are the challenges and lesson learned.

· Please note that each requirement carries marks, don’t neglect any point in the assignment.

· Please do not overwrite; a proper concise explanation is enough.

· Pay attention to the following format guidelines:

· The project report (documentation) should address all the requirements concisely. (0.5 Mark)

· Using MSW 12 point Time New Romans font, MSW 14 points for heading. (0.25 Mark)

· Double spaced Line spacing for each paragraph. Standard format: 1″ each margin (0.25 Mark)

End of Deliverable 2

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