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Question one

            The primary objective for the firm is based on the provision of the need for tapping of the international technological growth. The IBM has focused on the pioneering of the technological online integration with the team that has worked upon the managerial practices. These are with regard to organizational structure, marketing strategy, human resource policy and the work culture, (Michael, 2010).  The history for the IBM Corporation is as follows.  The objectives of the IBM Corporation have changed from the seventies to the eighties with respect to the sec curing of the market position.  The firm was recorded the most successful company in the world due to the massive state of the blue mainframe computers. The company in the eighty’s held the top spot for the admired companies in the USA.  The late eighty’s and the early ninety’s brought the downfall of firms acknowledgement. The organization was seen to lose 15 billion from the 1990-1993, (Helena, 2010). The fall was below the 250 most valued brands in the world. The stock price for the firm had decreased to the 18 year low. The reason for the downfall of the corporation was caused by the rise of the personal computers.

 The beginning of the changes in the 1993 assured the diverse forms of changes in the organization. The CEO was given the task of turning the IBM around. This required the assessment of how the management could speak to the small and big understanding of the needs and the control of the perceptions for the IBM. The solutions assured the positioning of the IBM as a software, consulting, hardware and company operating synergy, (Helena, 2010). The positioning required the consolidation of the advertising to the 40 firms to one brand image. In January 1995, IBM had become the small planet for the campaign.  The transition of the company was for the software and hardware delivery for the solutions that assure the management of the information from anyone, anytime and anyplace. The CEO’s vision was based on recognizing the provider’s solution.  The growth of the internet allowed the organization to embark of the E-commerce.  The goal was for the communication of the works for the companies that are of sizes across the wide range of sizes for the industries and the Broad expertise.

In 2002, the firm’s vision changed to the need for transforming the IBM businesses dramatically and increasing the focus for the fast growing business services. The campaign for advertising focused on the provision of the on demand services, (Helena, 2010). The business was based on the need for the profit transformation and demand services. The biggest opportunity will be based on the company’s history. The people will be required to know the technology of consultation that grows from the awareness of the business consultation services. This was through the Help desk campaign.

Question 2

 The advertisements  for the 1996 expressed the Big Blue Print.  The expression of the tingles, music and cocktail; expressed a general idea of the business services that were not easily understood.  The 1997 advertisement expressed the solutions for the small planet television. This advertisement expressed the ways that the communication can be shared in the IBM.  The HAVA GAVA and Virtual wall explained the unusual forms of announcement that can be applied by the organization.

             The analysis of the IBM allowed the expression of the different ways that the IBM was enabling the E-business solutions in television.  The 1999 advert was entirely based on the users of the information.  The advertisement was able to portray the E-business innovations and televisions.  The provision of the E-culture print allowed the shift of the IBM solutions to the aspect of using photos to express culture, (Michael, 2010).  This was well communicated to the different users of the IBM.  The 2001 advertisement offered the E-sports television that was easily identified by the individual.  The 2001 advertisement allowed the identification of the e-infrastructure that was provided for the assessment of the operations for the organization.  The 2001 condernauts Television advertisement offered information of the relevance in the television.

             In 2004, the firm offered the ON demand television advertisement. This was easily understood by the users. This was easily understood by the different users and customers of the IBM.  The customers were made aware of the use of the IBM services to search for the different channels that one could want to see, (Helena, 2010).  The IBM development increased to the offering information on sales and marketing services. The offering of the business solutions allowed the assessment of the definite ways that the information could be used.  The management engaged in the advertisements that looked on what made them special. This made the awareness of the different individuals.  The advertisement was able to easily speak to the users and non users in different occasions.

Question 3-

 The advantages of the E-business campaign are regarded to be the following.  the electronic business has been based on the assessment of the worldwide presence of the firm, cost effectiveness in promotion and marketing and  good customer services. The awareness of the form to the whole world increases its ability to sell its products to the individuals in the globe. The good customer services increase the sense of loyalty for the organization. The cost effectiveness will be regarded for the assurance of the cost effective marketing.

 The cons for the organization are seen to be the following.  The campaign will limit the sector of the organization to operate through as a firm. This affects the overall state of performing the different activities. The cost of the E-business will require the provision of the solutions that are based on the substantial optimization, (Vladimir, 2010).  This is through the upgrade of the computer systems, updating website and training of personnel’s.  The campaign will lose relevance after a certain time. The campaign offers the rise of the awareness. The increased awareness will make the campaign to be monotonous. This affects the overall state of performance for the organization.  The cost of the redefinition of the product lines for the online selling will use the large amounts of funding.

Question four

 The white lettered ON was used as the icon that featured the organizations, new global advertisement.   The On demand was the umbrella for the IBM story, (Gerald, 2010). The IBM was able to integrate the marketing communications.  The real customer’s usage and claim ownership assured the differentiation of the competition, (Helena, 2010). This was based on the demand computation.  The industry offered the sort of services that expressed the narrow state of utility for the adaptive computing. The IBM competitors had different strategies for the accomplishment of the organization’s goals.

            The organization has been able to use the ON DEMAND campaign for the adaptation of the Umbrella tagline that provided the specific needs for the communication of the sub-business components in the details.  The use of the word on was based as the umbrella tagline for the communication to the sub-business, (Gerald, 2010). The IBM had kicked the related software campaign for the middleware integration services. The Middleware was expressed to be a crucial component that offers the allowance of the IBM to create the large connectivity for the matrix services. This meant that the organization could be easily marketed on the efforts of the broad on effort.  The placement of the face assured the assessment of the meanings that persuaded the business to outsource the technological services for the specific supplies, (Michael, 2010).

Question 5

 The IBM has been able to change its operations over the past 11 years. The present advertisements were not performing well. The organization had lost 15 billion from the 1990-1993. This prompted the need for the change in the business slogan and information that could be shared. The organization required numerous turn around and strategy changes that could assure the success of the operations for the organization, (Yael, 2010). The management was able to look at the possible ways that could increase the profitability of the IBM advertisements.  The campaign was changed with the need for assurance of the definite changes that can occur in the performance of activities for the organization.  The smarter planet campaign strategy has allowed the organization to offer solutions to the cities, transportation, and finance, retail and healthcare services.  

             The changes in the marketing strategy assured the successful operation of the organizational activities. The management of the corporation will be assured for the success of the different approaches that can be assured through the success of the operations for the organization, (Vladimir, 2010). The management was able to assess the definite methods that could be used for the evolution and success of the branding for the organization.  An assessment of the operations was based on the assurance of the probable problems that affect the operation of the organization.

Question 6-

            There is value for the business to Business marketing.   The business to business marketing assures the increment of the individual brand loyalty as compared to the specified tasks, (Robert, 2010).  The mass media assures the provision of awareness to the different consumers that desire the use of the organizational products, (Vladimir, 2010). This assures the success of the organizations movement and operations. The marketing assures the management ability to reach the targeted market. The consumer brands have forced the buyers to assess different attitudes that can be placed in the management of the technical details that are discussed at the decision making processes for the business to business products.

             The organization should continue with the use of the mass media advertisement to the different customers. The advantages will require the formation of the people that will desire the products. The mass media will increase the number of the consumers that purchase the product on the average period, (Robert, 2010). An assessment of the approaches will be based on the achievement of the definite tasks and issues assessment. The management can be seen to be rewarding due to the potential of the large market share. The increase in the market share will assure the successful approach for the organization.  The management can be able to use the marketing that is presented by the general conversations. The opportunity for the expansion is seen to be the best in the approaches.

Question 7

             The target audience for the organization has been able to change with the diversity of the procurements and information for the technological executives, (Gerald, 2010). The goals of the advertisements were based on the conveyance of the IBM that will be capable of solving the business problems that are just used for the solution of the software and business hardware.  The campaign is seen to be effective due to the overall need for the communication of the technology. This will be based on the power of affecting the average amount that the people around the world are able to use for the solutions of the strategic vision, (Gerald, 2010). An assessment of the company will require the vision to be based on the complex state of IBM solutions.

             The business has been able to offer the solutions to the solutions to the cities, transportation, and finance, retail and healthcare services.   The city’s provision of helpdesk has assured the offering of the solutions on numerous problems. The organization has ventured into the business provision of IBM support, (Gerald, 2010). This has assured the successful assessment and integration of the approaches for the organization.  The entry into the healthcare services has assured the successful assessment of the approaches that can be used in the analysis of the approaches.   The retail and finance services have been offered a solution by the IBM management.

Question 8

 The advantages for using metaphorical King Arthur or Round Table commercial are the following.  Dr. Arthur symbolized the guidance and leadership in the marketing campaign.  The king expressed the need for the organization to lead as the example to the others. This was through the expression of the overall state of the sovereignty of operations. The round table symbolized the need to assess the personal sovereignty of the different individuals or targeted people.

             The advantages of using the past tactics were the following. The management was able to acknowledge the hurdles in marketing and evade them within the desired time. The past tactics assured the provision of the approaches for guidance and leadership within the organization.  the assessment of the competitor’s sovereignty in the market affected the step of operations that were within the organization, (Vladimir, 2010).  The use of the table symbols assured the conveying of the message in the best approaches.  The decision process for the organization will be based on the recognition of respect,

             The disadvantage of the approach was based on the overall predictability. A message for all the people could be felt like being monotonous. The consumers could be less in trigger with the activities that occur within the organization.  The other disadvantage is the lack of consideration for the need for flexibility in the strategic plan for the marketing.

Question 9

            The use of the testimonial in advertising offered the providence of the best approach that assures the success of the organization. The innovation, cooperation and communication for the future is achieved through the testimonial and mini-case advertisements. The use of the celebrity endorsement, expert opinions, satisfied users and man on streets allows the use of the testimonial that assesses the operations of the organization, (Robert, 2010).  The management will be required to make the content of the people that focus on the customers. The attraction of the right kind of attention will require the customers to express the investment of the time that will be based on the analysis of the business operations, (Robert, 2010). The management can easily make the content that is assured for the provision of the customer’s willingness in the investment of the time that assures the definition of the organizational solutions.

             The use of the mini-case studies allows the focus on the customers. The management uses the mini-case to express the overall state that needs to be achieved in the handling of the customer base. The management assures the expression of the management in investing the time that is strengthened for the formulation of the solution that is fitting to the needs of the organization, (Robert, 2010).  These testimonials and mini-cases increase the opportunities for the customer’s loyalty in dealing with the firm.  the interests in the formulation of activities assure the success of the organization through the assessment of activities.

Question 10

 The IBM advertisements offer no prices for the products or services in the advertisements. This limits the price sensitive consumers.  The different corporations are required to assess the relevant specifications for services and products in order to obtain the quotation of the prices. This forces the different customers to search for the advertisement of products that have the definite price quotation. The customers that are loyal to the organization are required to be based on the assessment of the different issues that assure the success of the organization’s approaches, (Vladimir, 2010).  The lack of reference to the products affects the state of assessment of certain possibilities for the consumers. This has forced the requirement for the organization to eliminate the performance of certain tasks.

 The advertisements have been geared to the following goals. The advertisements have been used for the offering of the advertising industry that is from the previous assessment of the organization. The provision of the self reliant advertisements will be based on the assessment of the ever evolving technologies that redefine the advertisements that are sold, tracked and consumed.

Question 11

 The outsourcing of the IBM activities assures the change in the worldwide advertising.  The advantages for the move are the following. The management will be able to outsource to the high quality integrated marketing agency. The outsourcing will help in reducing time wastage for poor skills in advertisements.  The disadvantage of the organization is the risk of cost. The cost for the operation of the marketing can increase, (Monica, 2010). This will affect the profitability of the organization.  The choice of the wrong agency will affect the capability of meeting the needs for the management.  The other disadvantage is on the rise of the inconsistencies. The inconsistencies will affect the overall need for the performance of the definite tasks.  The customers will be in line with the outsourced corporation instead of the IBM. This will harm the state of productivity for the organization, (Monica, 2010). The management will be required to assess the definite ways of arresting the state of advertising.


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