Critical Research Essay

Format MLA

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

For this assignment you will develop a persuasive argument that interprets a significant aspect of three film texts. Your paper must be organized around a central analytical thesis. You must include a close analysis of the films as support for your argument. Film analysis is the goal of this assignment. Please do not include superfluous summary or historical information. Your paper must include five scholarly references. You will be instructed on how to conduct scholarly research on the library research day. Your first draft will be peer reviewed and count as a quiz grade. Paper format: MLA, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman and 1 inch margins. Your topic must be approved. Please drop box a digital copy (.doc/.docx) of paper before class on the due date.


Focus and Unity: Does the paper have a central analytical and unifying focus? Is there a clearly stated thesis (complex), and is it pursued throughout the paper? I will evaluate your work on its relevance and sophistication. Is the argument developed?

Clarity, Analysis and Content: Make sure the reader understands the claim and that each point develops the argument (organized, logical and has clear progression). Citing details from the text(s) to support your overall claim and effectively reasoning to a conclusion (drawing conclusions about this evidence). Is the central argument vigorously pursued throughout the body of the work? Is the subject matter significant enough to be treated in an essay? Does the essay demonstrate logical and sound reasoning? Are ideas beyond the surface of the text, well-thought-out, and meaningful, rather than merely passing observations, unsupported assertions, or clichés? Use of textual support?

Organization and development: Logically organized? Development of ideas? Does the paper reflect the development of the ideas, rather than merely unfounded assertions? Are there appropriate examples and illustrations?

Style: Clarity and eloquence of your presentation that includes sentence structure, grammar and language. Does the paper follow proper MLA style?

Integration of Research: Is research integrated as secondary material? Does the paper include adequate references?

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