Your task is to write a report about a new healthy eating App for a mobile device of your choice which gathers and analyses personal data using input, processing and output devices. Your report must describe the operations and functions of hardware components of your chosen mobile phone including CPU, input devices, output devices, and storage with pictures and text. In addition, you are required to give information about the type of information processing system being used by the App. (For example: The app might be using the built-in camera as a bar code scanner to determine the nutritional value of the food).

Subject Area
Custom Essay

Describe your task
New task I want to submit

No.of pages/Wordcount
2 page(s)/550 Words

Academic Level
Undergraduate/Associate Degree

Citation Style
Harvard style

Assignment Details
*Description of the information processing system the app use.
*information about the input ,processing and output device the mobile phone use
*short reflective commentary about how you produce your report on a separate page 150 words
*suitable page layout,consistent use of pages number , head and footer, formatting images and correct use of Harvard referencing.
Reflective commentary
*what went well and what you are less pleased
*what you will recommend as a course of action when next you undertake similar exercise.
*what strategies or academic framework did you put in place to capitalise on your strength and improve on your weakness.

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