Choose two (2) stages of adult development (e.g., Early, Middle, or Late  Adulthood) and compare and contrast them.  Frame your response in terms  of specific concepts and theories as opposed to just anecdotal  observations.


What are the challenges that members of the “sandwich generation” face?   Given what you have learned about various theorists this semester  (e.g., Erikson, Jung, etc…), choose ONE and speculate as to what  advice he/she would give members of the sandwich generation.


What are some of the “pros” of entering late adulthood in terms of  physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development?  What are some of the  “cons?”


Describe Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief.  Critically explore the strengths  and weaknesses of that approach to understanding how people process  grief.


What stage of development are you in?  What developmental tasks have you  accomplished and what challenges do you still face?  Do you look  forward to aging?  Why or why not?

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