Empirical Research Checklist

Section Defining Characteristic Contained in Article Not Contained in Article
Abstract An abstract of the contents is provided.    
Introduction The purpose of the study is stated.    
The scope of the study is stated.    
A rationale for the study is provided.    
The hypothesis or research question is stated.    
Key concepts and terms are noted.    
A review of the literature is provided.    
Methods A description of the population sample is provided.    
The data collection procedure is presented.    
Other procedures to be used are described.    
Results A narrative statement of the findings is given.    
A description of the data collected is given.    
Findings are supported by graphs and charts.    
The analysis of the data is explained.    
Conclusion A summary of the study is provided.    
Conclusions related to the hypothesis are stated.    
Questions for future research are presented.    
References References used in the study are presented.    



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