Entrepreneurship – Franchising Coursework Essay

Field: Business & Finance

Individual Coursework Assignment (50%)

There will be an option of 4 different essay questions from which you should choose 1. The aim is to produce a well-integrated piece of work which should be between 2,000 – 2,500 words.
Essay Topics All answers should be illustrated with reference to theory and appropriate real life examples.

1) In the recent past, it is observed that international franchise business has been growing rapidly in developing countries. Discuss emerging challenges, opportunities and future trends with relevant examples.

2) ‘If a franchise business is well managed by the franchisor, the business can be profitable; at the same time, the franchisor can rapidly expand the business.’ Discuss.
3) Discuss how franchisees might be able to cope with changes in their business environment, while at the same time attain their business objectives.

4) Critically analyse the future of Franchise Business in India. Substantiate your essay using appropriate examples.

Please note your assignment will be checked for plagiarism.

Higher marks will be obtained by: showing that you understand the theories; applying theory correctly; providing evidence to back up your arguments; comparing and discussing different points of view; critical discussion – not just description, and definitely not just regurgitating lecture notes. Draw on previous empirical studies, theoretical papers, visiting speakers, case studies and your interview with an entrepreneur, wherever relevant.

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