The Evolution of Policing in America by Steven J. Contreras and Ann R. Bumbak

Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)

Assignment type : Essay

The mandatory book, The Evolution of Policing in America by Steven J. Contreras and Ann R. Bumbak is the topic of the this paper. This book raises many controversial topics about the relationship between the community and the police, about the rank and file police officer and the police management and about the use of deadly force by the police.

For the paper you can chose to accept the analysis of the author and find support for his point of view from other sources; or you can choose to disagree with the author and find support for the opposing point of view. You can also choose a combination of disagreement and support. The bottom line is over five pages I want to know what you think about the themes and important topics raised in the book.

So this is a research paper, but there is no need to overwhelm me with data or text that presents overly broad analysis. Just provide appropriate credit for information you use as support for your conclusions. Your personal analysis is very important as an aspect of this paper. Don’t hesitate to support your thesis by your own creative solutions. Remember the most important part of this assignment is to prepare a clear intelligent paper that is easy to read, without bad grammar, bad spelling, and inappropriate Syntax. Pay attention to proper Tense, number, and clarity. In other words use a smart friend, family member or the University’s writing center to review your paper and conduct an edit .

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