Field: Business & Finance – Marketing

Class Presentation and dress the part for the position you are interviewing for.

Your assignment:

Pitch to the company (aka the class) you would like to work for and the ideal job at the company you are interested in. Let us know why you think you could contribute to the company and the position you want. Come prepared with the background of the company and explaining why you think this company would be a good match for you.

We are looking to see how much you know about the company including history, mission statement, divisions company, has, target market, current marketing campaigns, social media community, products, services, etc.

Include in your research the top six skill sets needed for this position and share you are qualified or what you are doing to educate yourself in this niche.
How do your interest in the world fashion align with this position.
• Presentation: Visuals: Power Point Images (5-8 images) about the company and ideas you have for the company. Visuals should give your audience a basic understanding of the company and the position you are looking for. I suggest a Power Point presentation but you can use what you are most comfortable with. Just keep it professional. To really make an impression on a company, it’s best to know about their history, their competitors (other companies that do the same products/service), as well as knowing about their current and future plans.

If you don’t know a company, then start to researching and see what companies interest you. The more you know the better prepared you will be for questions.

• Presentation: Dress the part: When you walk in the class you should be dressed as if you are coming to an interview for the career you are applying for. First impressions are EVERYTHING!

Paper: The paper is a written introduction about yourself and why you are the right choice for the position you are applying for.

Paper Format:

First Paragraph:

Introducing yourself and the position you are applying for.

Middle paragraph(s):

Use one of the following in each of your middle paragraph(s) to provide the reader with plenty of reasons to invite you to an interview:

1. Education (Woodbury University)

2. Classes that are directly related to the position you are applying for

3. Work experience

4. Ability to work with others and alone

5. Interest in your field

6. Interest in the company

7. Responsibilities in previous positions that would assist you in this position

8. What makes you perfect for this position?


Below Average

Basic Presentation

Above Average

“Your Hired”

Creative writing

• Unclear and not prepared.

•Clear but seemed to be missing something to make you stand out.

•Unique points of view and interesting concepts.

Knowledge of company

• Needed more research

• Basic knowledge

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