Hamlet Critical (Research Essay)

Format MLA

Volume of 1000 – 1100 words (4 pages)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Hamlet Critical-Research Essay Draft:

Next, you will write a research-based essay in which you offer a focused, specific, interpretive argument about some aspect of the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. You will use research – perhaps the research you summarized in the previous paper, or that you discovered through reading another student’s Bibliographic Essay.

This draft assignment will be the trial run; it should come as close as you can get it to being finished, with the understanding that it is a draft, and that you are not finished yet. I will comment on the draft, and students will comment on each other’s drafts.

When you submit the essay, send it to the Assignments link as an attached file. Name the file


Make sure you have used MLA format guidelines; look up how to use MS Word (or Works, or Open Office, etc.) for spacing, setting margins, inserting running headers, page breaks, changing font size and type, etc.

Hamlet Critical-Research Essay:

Next, you will revise and submit a ready-for-prime-time version of the essay; the culmination of the entire course! Parameters: The essay should have a minimum of five sources; at least two should be print books, and the others should be scholarly articles found in the HCCS Library databases. There are TWO exceptions: you can use film reviews, which are often available on the open Internet; and, if you find an open-Internet source that you feel is of scholarly quality, you can send me the link and ask permission to use it.

Although there are many wonderful things on the Internet, this project is mainly to train you in the use of traditional academic materials. So, I will look skeptically on much that you might find useful in simply Googling “Hamlet.” Wikipedia is a wonderful source, and I recommend using it for “grounding” yourself, but it is not an acceptable scholarly resource (though it might point your toward them). Also, eNotes, SparkNotes, and the innumerable other such sites are generally too inconsistent in quality to be acceptable for a formal academic project.

The finished essay must be at least 1600 words long, not counting the Works Cited. It must be formatted using MLA guidelines – accurately and consistently.

You must cite all research, using MLA guidelines. You must clearly distinguish between paraphrase and quotation. You must write clear prose, and construct unified, cohesive paragraphs.


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