Should healthcare be free in the USA( Analytical essay)
Format MLA

Academic Level: –
Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Discipline English Language
Assignment type : Essay

Prewriting/Proposal/Organization:submit a proposal and outline for your Analysis Essay. Answer the following questions to work towards a thesis for your essay. Prepare a formal or graphical outline to organize the paragraphs of your essay. Plan where to place all evidence, analysis, and transition. Plan to write approximately 250-500 words.

What question does your analysis answer?
What discoveries did you make in your analysis?
Why does this stuff interest you?
Why would this stuff interest your readers?
What have you analyzed and why?
What conclusions or insights do you want to share?
List the evidence you have gathered (examples, quotations, quantitative and qualitative data) that is likely to persuade your audience.
Create your thesis sentence.
What you will submit to me

Write and submit a brief (250-500) overview of what you are going to do in your paper. It consists of three parts:

an indication of the focus of your essay,
a statement of what your paper is going to say or your thesis statement, and
an idea of some support you’re going to use or your research.
Note: In order to keep yourself on track with the fundamentals of the paper assignment, you must articulate the three elements of your proposal by starting off with each of the following fragments, exactly as they stand. For example, you will write…

The focus of my essay is __________________.

In, my paper I am going to say that _________________________________.

The support or research I will use includes ____________________________.

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