Project Title/Subject HMGT 372 7981 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care (2182) Select a course… Message alerts Subscription alerts Update alerts
Type of Service Essay
Academic Level Undergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation Style APA Style
No. of Sources/References 6
English UK/US/AU? English US
Description DescriStatement of the Problem: must include your Clinical Question. Use some of your rational from Assignment 1. Why is this a problem? Give statistics as well. Then insert you Clinical Question in bold so I can find it!
Literature Review ( Need 6-7 articles) : Use same articles from Assignment 2 if you received good feedback, otherwise I would have said to remove and replace article in my feedback to you.
Summary of Findings
Conclusion paragraph (brief~1 paragraph) connecting overall findings to your clinical question.
Length: between 7-10 pages (not including title page and references)

This paper is based on the PICOT and clinical question you developed and the evidence you obtained in the literature for the Summary Table assignment. If I gave you feedback to not use certain articles, please adhere to my feedback and find better articles. You can use the online chat library for help. Take key words from your Clinical Question to guide your search words. Goal is = 6- 7 articles. You will write a literature review based on the findings that addresses possible intervention(s) for your identified clinical question.

When writing the literature review section: some students will write a paragraph for each article and some will write this section by themes identifies especially if articles very similar. Save the results for the Summary of Findings section of the paper.

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