Imagine you are an HR learning development specialist and are advising leaders about a new health care training and development program. They ask you to present the most effective training and education tools to build a robust learning environment.

Respond to the following questions: 175

-Which training and education programs are vital for health care managers? Provide details. — Which training and education programs do you believe would be most important for you, as an HR learning development specialist? Why?


Discussion J.M

Education is vitally important in the role of health care management. Continued education is also essential as the rules and regulations in healthcare are continuously changing. If any time is spent in the healthcare industry it would not take long to learn and observe how important good management and good decision making is to the organization. Employees need the right skills and the right tools to be successful in their career. This leads to safety and satisfaction to not only the patients but also the employees. Many people start in healthcare in a position to get their foot in the door and then decide where they want to excel in and go and take classes and/or get the degree necessary to fill that position’s requirements. I know of many health care managers who have done just this, they may have started in medical records, worked as a receptionist, perhaps done coding and then decided they wanted to be in management and went and obtained the degree if necessary to do so.

I feel that some important classes and training that would be extremely helpful to in healthcare management would be medical terminology. This is vitally important in so many ways as you will be discussion information with your staff, providers, patients and insurance companies. As a healthcare learning specialist it would be beneficial to have some classes and education in compliance, customer service, advanced health care laws and ethics, and perhaps in some cases healthcare marketing. Diversity and inclusion classes also would be most beneficial. After one is in the role of health care continued education is a must.

Discussion C.D.

The education programs that are vital for health care managers are Leadership programs. This will help manager with being leaders because everyone is not a leader also the trainer will help managers speak with the staff with compassion, empathy and understanding. What I think that will help during training and education programs that will be most important as HR learning development specialist. I had to take a class that truly helped me and our organizations that taught us about different cultures, religions, race and ethnicities because some things that we may do can be innocent to us and offensive to others. Our office decided to have half day on Fridays because we had a lot of Islamic staff that have prayer time and we would close the office to give the physicians time to maybe leave and come back or shut down the facility after a lot of consideration and votes we eventually decided to have a half day on Friday that actually was great for everyone because now if staff have personal things to take care of they can do it on Friday afternoon.

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