Imagine that you are an  HR talent management recruiter, and your organization is faced with staffing needs. Think about what relevant details of the job and organizational culture you would communicate in your recruitment planning strategy.


175 words – to the following questions:

· Why should health care managers know about specific recruitment strategies? Explain your answer.

· Which recruitment strategies do you believe would be most effective? Why?



C.D. discussion

Health Care managers should know about specific recruitment strategies because they should know and understand what they are looking for at the organization. The manager knows exactly what the job in details and they will look at all the resumes to make sure that the candidate have all of the licenses or education that is needed for the job to be successful. The recruitment strategies that will be most helpful is when you maybe able to find the best candidates for the job at my job when we do recruitment we get referrals from all different sources or word of mouth from other agencies that know we are looking for employees in certain department or areas and they will notify us with information from different candidates which makes it more easier to the person in trained and able to do the job successfully with very little to no training especially if they have been working in the field for numerous years or at a reasonable time. This is always helpful that the manager get this information from recruiting future candidates.



Healthcare is one of the most important and challenging in the world. One of the most competitive industries is that hiring and keeping the best and brightest. Healthcare managers need to be aware of certain recruiting strategies and how to use them effectively to flourish in the current healthcare industry. For several reasons, healthcare administrators should be aware of specialist recruiting techniques. It’s crucial to remember that the healthcare industry is now experiencing a significant shortage of trained professional. A physician shortage is being brought on by several factors, including an aging population, an increase in patients with chronic diseases, and a drop in new medical student. To address this shortage, healthcare executives must be knowledgeable about the best recruiting strategies. Healthcare managers must be able to modify their recruitment techniques in response to the constant introduction of new technologies, treatments, and laws. They must be able to recognize the knowledge and experience that will be most valuable in the future and find individuals who possess such knowledge and experience. The recruitment techniques that are targeted and tailored to the to the requirements of the healthcare organization will be the most successful. They might wish to think about using social media network and LinkedIn can help recruit top talent and reach a huge number of potential applicants.

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