Job Fair PP

Field: Business Finance – Operations Management

Volume:5 pages

Style: APA

type : presentation


Prepare a draft of a brief presentation that Verizon recruiters could use at job fairs and other venues to entice or persuade both new graduates and experienced professionals to consider joining the company. 2)Choose a structured or free-form design that clearly exists in the Verizon Brand. You cannot use a pre-existing PowerPoint slide deck from Verizon for this assignment. 3) Create an appropriate number of slides for a presentation that is at least ten minutes but no longer than 15 minutes (not including a question-and-answer period). Assume that the audience members have heard of Verizon but don’t have any in-depth knowledge about the company. The instructions for the final assignment > Original instructions: Title Slide (1 slide): Include the title of your presentation, your name, date of presentation. > What I expect: Treat this assignment as a business assignment. You work for Verizon; you are NOT a student in this situation. You do NOT need my name on the slide, and neither do you need the name of the college or this course. > Original instructions: Introduction (1-2 slides): The introduction should capture your audience’s attention, establish credibility, and provide an overview of the topic and the main points. Refer to and apply the strategies outlined in your textbook to meet these objectives. Preview Slide: This slide will preview the main points you plan on making during the presentation. > What I expect: Start with an introduction of yourself as a credible speaker. What is your role at Verizon? Why are you qualified to deliver this presentation? Then, provide an agenda type slide that lists in VERY short bullet points what you will cover in the presentation. > Original instructions: Topic Content (7-9 slides): The topic content should include the main points of the topic and the supporting material. The main points should include the significant ideas you want to convey to your audience. Each slide should be an independent idea related to, or building upon, other main points. It is highly recommended that you use PowerPoint Speaker’s Notes to clarify content or add appropriate information. Use simple designs and minimize the amount of text on slides. Graphics, photos or other pictures should be kept to a minimum unless they are deemed essential to the main point. As with all written material for this course, you must follow APA 6th edition style when citing supporting material. > What I expect: *Begin with an overview of Verizon. Include what the potential employee needs to know to be interested (history, locations, etc. – the “snazzy” stuff). Additional ideas: -Discuss the types of jobs that are available at Verizon. -Discuss the types of people who work for Verizon. -Discuss the employment awards that Verizon has won. >>>The idea here is to demonstrate WHY someone would want to work at Verizon. *You should represent as much as possible in a visual way. At minimum, you should have at least one visual element every other slide. There should be VERY LITTLE text on the slides (no more than 35 words, including the title, and never any complete sentences, except possibly for the mission statement, should you choose to include it). > Original instructions: Summary/Recommendation (1-2 slides): Use this section to reinforce key points to the audience. Be sure that any recommendations are realistic in terms of the appropriate concepts and, if applicable, the topic you have presented. > What I expect: Given that this is an persuasive slide show, a call to action is required. That is the recommendation that needs to be included in this section. This article will help you write a call to action: > Original instructions: References (1 slide): Include reference information for the supporting materials used in your presentation. You must include a minimum of three references (apart from your textbook) to support your content. This slide must be formatted according to APA 6th edition standards. > What I expect: The Verizon web site counts as ONE source, irrespective of how many pages within the site you visit. You will need a total of four independent references for the final assignment

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