Many Selves, One Person

My appreciation of the cultural values and the gender am in affected the overall description of myself. Gender focuses on the definition of me on the biological characteristics present within my body. The state of being feminine or male affects the overall perception and description of me, (Banks, 2011). Culture indicates that a baby boy should have blue clothes while a female child should have pink clothes. Gender and culture affect self-perception.

            My culture and gender offer me the opportunity to align myself to certain values and social beliefs. Our culture is supported by the society through social appreciation and enforcement.  The belief of God being supreme and punishes sin helps me to focus on integrity and honesty, (Durbin, 2011). My culture dictates that gender is fixed and not universal. My biological state determines gender. Culture has helped me to know whether I will be submissive to others or I will be strong to protect people in the society.

            The aspect of my cultural beliefs and values were predominant in the introduction. My identity originates from the belief of the actions performed in the organization.  Identity of the good values for the culture helped me to identify the different values I have placed within my actions, (Gaffney, 2011).  Aspects missing in the assessment were the different practices of our culture that are not relevant to the expression of the question. The societal communication offers the creation of the culture and gender appreciation.  Relationships with the society offer the appreciation of the need to assert myself, focus on outcomes and be competitive. As a girl, in would have been more cooperative, tolerant and attentive to other’s feelings.


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