Measurement issues

Format APA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

Assignment type : Essay


1- The chapter (12) page 411 is about Forced Ranking systems, so you could do a paper about that. (find the attachment to read the chapter).

2- Just pick on approach to measuring performance forced ranking such as in the chapter this week, stacked ranking as used at GE, Likert Scale rating scales, behavior anchored rating scale (BARS), critical incident review, etc… and evaluation the approach’s effectiveness in terms of pros and cons.)

3- You can use 3-5 references.

4- Number of pages is 4 pages. The order of the pages: 1st page: cover page
2nd page: abstract ( it is the summary about all you want to write about it) half page is fine.
3rd page: you will start your writing with the introduction in the beginning.
4th page: continuing writing.
5th page: continuing writing.
6th page: continuing writing and conclusion.
7th page: 3-5 references in APA Style.

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