Michaels Instruction

The vitamin does not contain vitamin B1, B6, B12, E or K. These vitamins will be required by the body through the intake of moderate measures of foodstuff. The intake of multivitamins could have adverse effects on the body of Michael. The proteins that Michael is getting enough of could be the following. The Cheese burger, French fry, cookies, fortified soda, lettuce, cheese, Bacon sandwich and Chocolate contains vitamin A and C. The other types of vitamins are vitamin E and D. The coffee contains Vitamin D; Mayonnaise contains vitamin E; and Chips and salsa contain vitamin A and E.

Michael should consider eating a lot of fruits and vegetable foodstuffs from the foodstuffs. This will help in the increased intake of the other vitamins into the Michaels body. The things that will be required to be reduced from intake due to their high level of vitamin A will be the following. Spinach, sweet potatoes, Carrots and butternut Squash foodstuffs will contain a lot of Vitamin A.

The preparation of good foodstuffs is dependent on the overall changes that Michael will perform. The issues that would be suggested for fast and easy vitamin foodstuffs intake would be the following. Michael should obtain a chest freezer to store the foodstuffs; cook in bulk and increase the use of a good food processor.

The reason why the use of the multivitamin will not be advisable is due to the possibility of overdosing.  The increased use of multivitamin could lead to the feeling of stomach cramps; diarrhea; nausea and gastrointestinal upset. The best approach will be the identification of the kinds of foodstuff that one is eating and trying to moderate the different doses of the minerals and vitamins.


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