As an  office manager, you are continuously exploring future opportunities or risks that could have an impact on your organization or the health care industry.

Discuss the following (175 words)

· What are some current trends in health care that have an impact on organizational change? Provide specific examples.

· What do you predict will happen with these trends in the future?



Discussion w/ K.E. 100 words

Healthcare has grown in so many ways than decades before, We have new technologies like the patient scanners for medications, some are using phones instead of radios to communicate as well as the different equipments used in surgeries, X-rays and MRI’s. Nowadays they have patient portals that are available to patients which has all their appointments, prescriptions and test results! I believe that these changes have made a big impact in healthcare, it made our healthcare workers job easier and more patient focused, they’re able to worry less about medical errors because of the structural procedures that hospitals have for patients and employees. I myself have the patient portal and I find it so easy to maneuver and contact my doctor as well as my daughters pediatrician. When I was going through my pregnancy and child birth I felt so comfortable with everything they used on me because they themselves were comfortable and knowledgeable about the equipments being used. After giving birth I was able to see every single test that was done on me through the patient portal and I was very grateful for that. I do feel these trends will only get better as technology progresses.


Discussion w/ J.H 100 words

Hello, current trends in health care that have an impact on organization change are integrated medical technologies, the affordable care act, and Telehealth. telemedicine is good for virtual doctors visits. since COVID-19 started back in 2020 everything has changed and there are new rules. you must wear a mask in required places. you shouldn’t be around anyone if you have COVID-19 you should care about affecting others lives. not telling someone you have COVID can put them at risk. by not doing a in person visit it it allows healthcare facilities to keep their cost down and also prevent others from getting sick if someone may or may not know if they have COVID.

integrated medical technologies the internet assisted almost every industry on how they operate. using technology made it easier for electronic health care records, improved work flows, medical internet things, remote monitoring and convenience. affordable care act makes insurance affordable and available to more people.


As a result of radically interoperable data and open, secure platforms, the future of health will likely be driven by digital transformation.

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