Planning Dissertation Research in Business

 Different theories have posed the question of the impact of job satisfaction on employee’s performance.  The job satisfaction has been based as the collection of feelings and beliefs of people for the current jobs. The job satisfaction allows the assessment of the positive feeling for the job resulting from the evaluation of the characteristics.  The purpose of the research will be on the identification of the impact of organizational leaders for the contribution of the workers’ well-being. The research will offer different suggestions or recommendations of controlling the state of employee’s satisfaction.

 The research will identify the numerous theories explaining the job satisfaction. The first theory is on content.  The content theories suggest the job satisfaction to occur when one need focuses on the self-actualization placed on the individual’s job. Abraham Maslow explains the need of the employees to reach self actualization.  The second theories are on the process.  The process theories will explain the job satisfaction through the assessment of the values and expectancies. The findings will be assessed on the basis of the equity theory. The other theory is situational theory. The situational occurrence and characteristics are in charge of the assessment of the situation. The theoretical framework of job satisfaction is considered by the occurrences and factors of the organization.

The dissertation will focus on supporting the job satisfaction focuses on the attitude of the employees.  The assessment of the job security, working conditions, supervision, promotion opportunities and work assessment affects the productivity of the organization.  The identification of the type of employees helps in the determination of the activities to the individual’s requirement on workplace requirements.


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