Project Management

            All projects require the control of the different activities affecting the success of the approach. The problem of schedule delays, cost overrun, human resource management and poor communication can be controlled through project management, (George, 2011). The understanding of the duties of the project manager helps in the offering of the definite approaches assuring the success of the project. This editorial will converse the responsibility of the project manager and functions. The analysis will assess the different systems affecting the manager.

             The roles of the project manager are diverse. The manager has a role of teaching the employees or the team to deal with deadlines. The project comes with the time constraint. The direction of the activities and the admiration of time force the fast performance of activities. The other role is the improvement of the project success rates. The manager places the best leadership skills for the motivation of the activities and requirements. The manager is required to coach and mentor other leaders to manage and facilitate the project, (George, 2011).  The manager controls the initiation, strategy planning, implementation, closure, execution and control. The control of the stages offers the improvement of the success rate.

The functions of the project manager are the following.  The project manager has the function of defining the activities. The definition of the activities of the project offers the understanding of the activities required to be performed by the employees.  The second function is sequencing the activities. The project manager will search for the activities of high priority and low priority, (Malinowski, 2011). The sequence will help in removing the scheduled time.  The project manager estimates the activity duration and resources. The resources planning increased the reduction of the problems for shortages.  The project manager is charged with the accountability of developing the schedule and assigning people to departments. The planning of the activities increases the productivity and success of the operations.  The last function is on controlling of the schedule. The project manager will report and control the different issues seen on the performance of the activities.

            The information technology offers different ways of managing the projects.  The web based systems, lean systems and six sigma systems are used in the management of the project.  The web based systems offer convenience and reduced installation or maintenance cost.  The lean system allows the project reduces the amount of wastage, (Leena, 2011).  The six sigma systems offer the development of the employees and reduction of the process of the cycle times.  The systems help in the identification of the needs for the project. The needs allow the offering of the direction, control of requests and inputs provision.  The second requirement will be based on the control of the planning and coordination process. The delivery and execution of tasks allow the provision of the success for the offering of the project. The systems offer the ability of monitoring and measure the variances and outcomes for the organization.

            In conclusion, project management improves the output of a corporation.  The project management systems and managers offer a framework for decision making. The corporation can support the multiple projects, distributed development and budget control. Project management assist’s in the optimization of the project performance, optimization of the resource skills, adherence to the planned cost and offering high motivation to employees.


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