P-hacking is a new way people can manipulate data to show correlations between variables—variables that actually have no correlation whatsoever.

  • Watch the P-Hacking: Crash Course Statistics #30 video for a more thorough understanding.
  • Then, look at Spurious Correlations: Graphs Show Correlation Between Completely Unrelated Stats, or read 10 Crazy Correlations Between Unrelated Things, which show p-hacking in action.
  • Additionally, watch this Rethinking Research Data TED Talk video. If you are interested in politics and want to try p-hacking for yourself, use the Hack Your Way to Scientific Glory website to find trends between the two major political parties in the United States.

P-hacking is a way to tell the truth in a mathematical sense by finding correlations. In your initial discussion post, answer the following question:

  • Do you think p-hacking is ethical?
    • How can the media and/or society respond to this issue in an informed way?
    • How might it impact our daily lives?
    • How should this new information impact you as a researcher (in your line of work or in your degree)?

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