Summary/Response Essay

Format MLA
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Discipline English Language

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Research paper

Discipline Media
Assignment type : Research Paper

how does technology and social media impact Mae’s relationships? are there more positive or negative effects? how does this issue fall under the umbDescription
Title Catch the reader’s attention with a creative, relevant phrase, but do not use the same title of the reading you are summarizing. Refer to pp. 444-445. Introduction 5- 6 sentence paragraph Begin with an attention-getting “hook.” Refer to pp. 445-447. • Introduce the topic/issue of the reading and explain why this issue concerns you. Summary 6-7 sentence paragraph Summarize the reading. Refer to p. 90. • Mention the author and title again. The first time you mention an author, use full first and last name; after that, use last name only. • Identify the main idea and supporting points. • Remain objective and neutral. • Use attributive tags for quotes and paraphrases. Use few quotations. Transitional/Thesis 2-3 sentence paragraph Introduce a clear, arguable thesis. Refer to p. 110. • Provide a transitional device. Refer to pp. 455-462. • State the thesis of your response, mapping out rhetorical critique and ideas critique. Rhetorical Critique 6-7 sentence paragraph Analyze and evaluate the rhetorical strategies. Refer to pp. 93-94. • Provide a transitional device. Refer to pp. 455-462. • Respond with the grain (noting what is effective) and against the grain (noting any problems). • Identify, analyze and evaluate all or some of the reading’s rhetorical strategies: audience, purpose, structure, language choices, persuasive appeals (logos, pathos, ethos), and angle of vision. Ideas Critique 6-7 sentence paragraph Agree and/or disagree with the ideas. Refer to pp. 95-96. • Provide a transitional device. Refer to pp. 455-462. • Respond with the grain (noting where you agree) and against the grain (noting where you disagree). • See the subject and the world through the author’s eyes. Which ideas do you support? What would you like to add to the conversation? What new insights have you gained? • Challenge all or some of the author’s ideas. Where do you disagree? What has the author overlooked and/or what new questions are raised? What would you add? • Reflect on new insights you have gained and questions you may still have. Conclusion 3-4 sentence paragraph Provide closure for your discussion. Refer to pp. 450-451. • Avoid simply restating the reading’s main idea. Instead, explain your current thinking about the topic or issue based on this reading. Also, identify areas you’d want to research more.
MLA format MLA Format: Refer to pp. 561-576. • In-text citations and attributive tags throughout the paper. • Works Cited page listing the source.ella of consumer culture? must use the circle by dave eggers as a source

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