Topic: American Environmental History


Volume: 6 pages

Type: Essay

Format: MLA


Read Part III in the textbook Down to Earth: “Consuming Nature” pp. 173-300. View video linked below: Al Gore TED Talk “The Case for Optimism on Climate Change”; Also view videos linked below: “The Story of Stuff”, “The Story of Change” and The Story of Solutions” Review article on New York Times website, linked below, by Justin Gillis, “Global Climate Change: We’ve got answers to your questions.” Write an essay 6 pages in length to address the following questions: What does the title of this part of the textbook mean: “Consuming Nature”? How do the themes and arguments in this Part III of the textbook “Consuming Nature” compare or contrast to the videos produced by Al Gore and the “Story of Stuff” project? What connections (if any) do you see between the environmental historian’s account [Ted Steinberg’s account] and the environmental activists’ accounts [Al Gore and the Story of Stuff project activists]? links are .

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