Topic: “Back From Madness” video


Volume: 1 page

Type: Questions and answers

Format: MLA


Watch the one hour long video “Back From Madness”; just click on the link to that video found directly above this forum. this video features 4 patients at various stages of their illnesses. The 4 psychological disorders in this video are: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. However, this forum will focus on just two of the 4 patients on the video: a) the female college student with schizophrenia (she is the first patient featured on the video) b) the male musician with major depressive disorder (he is the last patient featured on the video). Please note that to see the progress of these two patients, you have to watch the whole video because the video flips back and forth among all four patients (all the way to the end of the video) monitoring the progress of each patient. Watch the whole video even though you only will be writing about the two patients noted above — the female college student and the young male musician. Answer these two questions in your first two postings Posting 1: What did you learn about the features of schizophrenia from the case of the female college student in the video? What did you learn about treatment of schizophrenia from the video? BE SPECIFIC. Posting 2: What did you learn about the features of major depressive disorder from the case of the young male musician in the video? What did you learn about treatment of major depression from the video?

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